Lego ยป 7th Grade

Lego Mindstorms Robotics

Complete the following tutorials in Lego Mindstorm's Basic and Beyond Basics section.

  1. Configuring Blocks
  2. Straight Move
  3. Curved Move
  4. Move object
  5. Stop at a line
  6. Stop at a angle
  7. Data wires
  8. Sensor blocks
  9. Range
  10. Gyro Rate
  11. Logic

Create a Lego Robot that can navigate a racetrack without going outside the boundarids.

Racetrack Project

Create a Lego Robot that sumo wrestles against other students' robots.

Sumo Wrestling

Create a robot that can follow a curvy black line. The robot will need to also display the time it takes the robot to run the entire course and to keep the time on the display until the push button has been pressed.

Follow the line

Short video of previous Lego competitions.