E.V. Cain Wildcats Basketball Playbook

Motion offense

Option 1 on entry pass.

Option 2 on entry pass.

Wing player passes to the baseline becomes a pick and roll.

Florida play

Player we want to get the layup does a dribble hand-off to the wing player and gets a back screen as the ball is reversed.

Denver offense

Ball handlers do the dribble hand-off.
Bigs will be picking and rolling at the top.

Oregon offense

Ball handlers wait for the low post to screen for them and attack towards the basket.
Low Post players will be picking and rolling at the top.

Early offense

Explains how to spread the floor on a fast break and get an easy layup.

4-out offense

Explains the 4-out offense.

Full Court Press

Press Break

Inbound plays

Sideline Inbound plays