Computers ยป 8th Grade

Information, Tutorials, and Projects for the 8th Grade Computer class.

Helpful tutorials

Day 1 Introductions, class rules, and getting started.

Day 1

Course description along with class expectations of Safe, Responsible, and Respectful.

Course Syllabus

How to sign onto the computer using your System Account, Google account, Typing Web account, or GameSparkOnline account.

Account Sign-in

A collection of downloadable games that students have created. These can be run on your Windows computer at home by downloading and executing them.

Game Downloads

Class presentation that give you an overview of making 2D and 3D Game Maker games. Key terms and areas of interest are covered.

2D Game Presentation 3D Game Presentation

This video describes how to create a "zip" file to turn in Google Classroom. This tutorial takes you through the steps you need to do to create a zip file, and then how to turn that zip file into Google Classroom.

Turning in Tutorial


Using a tutorial create a Pong game in Game Maker Studio.

Resources for adding sound to your game.


Using a tutorial create a Break Out game in Game Maker Studio.

Break Out

  • Animated explosion
  • bounce sound
  • explosion sound
  • laser sound
  • background music
  • Using a tutorial create a platform game called Side Scroller in Game Maker Studio.

    You can create your sprites, download existing ones from the Internet, or use the sprites below.

  • Rocketship
  • Jellyfish
  • Boss
  • Cannon
  • Squid
  • Side Scroller

    Using a tutorial create an Asteroids game in Game Maker Studio.


    Using a tutorial create a PacMan game in Game Maker Studio.


  • Bonus
  • Monster 1
  • Monster 2
  • Monster 3
  • Monster 4
  • Monster 5
  • Player strip
  • Scared
  • Barrier
  • Pill
  • Power Pill
  • Wall
  • Using the Scratch integrated programming interface (IDE) found online, you will create a Flappy Bird game!


    Blender 3D modeling and annimations.


    Create a morph of a picture of your face into a picture of another face. The objectives of this project are to understand how to use the WinMorph tool, learning the basics of simulated motion created through a series of still pictures, and understanding the concept of framerate.


    Create a word cloud using Open up Notepad (or similar text editor) to create your weighted word list. This way you can save your word list for re-use or editing. Currently, Wordle is not supported by Google Chrome browsers.